Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The results

The vet called last week and let us know that Franklin does have fibro sarcoma. She said she estimates that he has about 2 months left, if that. We have not told the kids yet, and will be getting a game plan together to do so.

You would never know that he is "sick". Thankfully, the tumor does not have any nerves...but can grow to amazing proportions. He is still happily scarfing down food, jumping on the counter and giving Siamese dissertations whenever possible.

We have decided to forego the surgery route since the tumor is so large, and will give palliative care from here on out. The vet said that we would know when it was time to let him go.

I admire and don't understand the lengths that people will go for their beloved pets. Believe me, if this was a matter of a cyst, he'd be right in there....but I will not make his last few weeks or months on this earth painful ones. I wish we didn't have to travel this road, but since we do, we will do it with dignity, integrity and love...I hope.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Frankle Beast

Our wonderful boy, Franklin, has grown a lump on the side of his neck....and the vet thinks it's Fibro-sarcoma. Franks had a biopsy done yesterday, and we will now the results at the end of the week. He is the best cat in the world.

Friday, March 14, 2008

I've got the fevah

My family thinks I may have a problem...I'm in glorious denial. Ha. My beautiful foster hound may be adopted this wknd. To check out HER blog, see, click on adoption, then current, then scroll to near the bottom and click on BB's Filigree.

This blogging has been a great outlet for my's one of those things that makes my heart sing.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Crazy Foster Dog

The Video says it all. Oy vay.

The Look

Mud and Blood

My son, Victor, had a bad spill on his bike. He is ok, but pretty banged up. Had to put the frog on front and banjo on back of the clip 'cause I'm not sure of how to make an AVI an WMV file.

Riding my bike was THE BEST thing in the world when I was a little girl...and believe me, I had some serious crashes...I thought my scrapes and bruises were a badge of courage. Now, as a Mom, we don't let our kids get as crazy...or, we can't let them out of our sight as much so they can get when Victor appeared at the front door in THIS condition, it was pretty shocking. He'll be back in the saddle soon!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Guilty as charged?

A guilty pleasure...torn between principles and jammin' out...I am one of those 40 somethings who loves XM's 80's I can bee-bop down the road hauling my kids and greyhounds and pretend I'm still a teenager. Remembering those old loves, and hates and that angst...well, maybe being older is better.

I also have a great "memory lane" collection in my iTunes folder that I can whip out and whip it good....because I AM the woman I have always dreamed of.

But I have stopped short of PAYING for any of Michael Jackson's music...because of principles. He is, well, scary...and likes little boys and has a ranch called Neverland with rides and stuff...and monkeys. So while his music is brilliant, he is not. BUT NOW I AM "THRILLED" because I can have my cake and eat it too....with just a wee bend of being uncomfortable. XM now has the Thriller channel, channel 63. I was singing along this morning and doing the high pitched "whoooos" and "jam ons"...(which I have always thought sounded more like "jambon", french for ham).

But the question remains...can I in good conscience listen with my kids in the car? Can I separate the man in the mirror with the guy who dangles his kid, "Blanket" out an open window?

All I know for sure is.... Billie Jean is not my lover....either.