Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back from Camp


Summer is in it's last gasps, for all intensive purposes....certainly not heat-wise, but school will be starting soon.  (Alleluia)...Canoe and June recently spent some time at Club Kate, or Manyhounds Inn, as Kate has named it.  You can see they had a blast!  We love Kate...she always goes above and beyond...her kennel is spotless, and her love is given freely.  When I leave my dogs with her, I can pull out of her driveway knowing that they will be just fine.  You can't put a price tag on peace of mind!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Summer's Evening

A friend of ours, and maybe yours too, Kate Crawford put out an open invitation to a bluegrass shindig in Woodstock. We loaded up the dogs and Ava, and off we went. What a fun evening! It was very hot, but you can see, my dogs and child know how to beat the heat.

Canoe liked Strawberry! "Purple"
Thanks Kate and Comet!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Second Child

Ava, my second child....
I think it may be a universal question of mothers....how will I possibly be able to love #2 as much as #1? Perhaps #2 doesn't look like #1 did when they were born...perhaps they have a different temperment, and (eeeee gads....)maybe it took you a little longer to fall head over heels. I have found that these are all normal emotions....and once again, things may take various amounts of time to gel, if you will.

Well, how 'bout that, same principle can be applied to greys...my #2, "June" or "Joo-ey"...(figured that was better than "Jewy". LOL) Hmm, she wasn't this big goofy warm melted marshmallow like my #1...
And....I must admit..... I've even said that she was an "unplanned adoption" to several people....(I'll burn for that one)...

But now that we have had her for several months, she has gotten comfortable, and has blossomed into this wonderful dog. Very different from Canoe....she is a little more high strung, but not much...she doesn't look like him...etc. and I'm glad. She is so beautiful....her coat is shinier and shinier....the dandruff is getting better....and guess what....she is a love. Happy, affectionate and eager to offer sits for treats. She always comes when called...goes to her bed when told...

I admire her "country teeth"...they always crack me up...and now that foster girl is gone, the infamous and stunning roach ability has re-appeared.

I love my second dog!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Canoe's girl is leaving him.....

She's a heartbreaker....or will become one tomorrow, as Red Rover is going home with her forever family.

As a foster often does, she has bestowed us with many gifts....one being winning Canoe's heart. I have never ever seen him touch another dog, or share, or snuggle with another dog. So, awwwwww!

Ms. June, on the other hand, will help pack Rover's bags and maybe bite her on the butt as she leaves.

jealousy glows in her eyes.......

Ms. June likes to be the "girl with the most cake". She doesn't want Canoe...she just wants to maintain her quotient of love with the family. Rover's gift to June is teaching her that stairs are really not scary...that you can lick you r human instead of nitting on them...and patience...even tho' that treat is the best smelling thing in the world, you don't have to grab and go.

Thank God Victor is at camp....the tears would fill a pool. Ava, well, she's all ready for whatever happens next...she said that she would entertain Rover's new family's kids so that I can talk to the Mom and Dad. Generous.

Me, I will miss her too...but I know I have given her a great start....and that's what it's all about.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Greyhounds are priceless

vet bill for 4 hour visit-$417.00

install stair runner- $800 greyhound hauler-$Lots