Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bitten by the past.....

Well, this is a hard one....

After all my A's this past year, I was not accepted into the Surg Tech program after all. Because of two grades I got back in my 20's...a C in English....a C in Statistics, which decimated my GPA to a 3.2, which was not good enough.

I am #5 on the "waiting list", and will still go to the mandatory orientation. Not easy....failure is not easy.

However, when the advisor called and told me, I heard, in my heart, plans await for me. I hate it when I think I know best.

I loved my daughter's comment when she heard. (hand on hip) "AWWW. NOW I HAVE TO TELL MY CLASS THAT YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BE A COMMUNITY HELPER!" Lol.

Thanks for all your encouragement along the way. Stay tuned...it ain't over yet.