Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boom. Part II-Inner Dialogue

EGO: ID? Are you there ID? It's me EGO.

SUPEREGO: What do you think you're doing? You can't call up ID. We buried ID a long time ago, remember?

EGO: always have to be right. Look, I need to talk to ID because we are facing an unknown experience and it involves some primal shit, ok?

SUPEREGO: Language!!

EGO: ID, if you can hear you like guns? Violence? Blood? Boom-boom?

ID (from far away): Me like food. Want icecream.

EGO (validating): I know you do, ID...maybe after you answer some questions? Get icecream?

ID: Me like smoke.

SUPEREGO: Oh for Pete's sake. Do we have to do this? We have homework to do...and we need to get started now if it's going to be perfect. Our education is everything and we have spent a lot of money....

EGO: Look, Super....can you go smoke a cigarette? This will just take a minute. And I know, studies have shown that smoking is bad for our health.....

ID: Me tired. Me like bed.

EGO: ID, hang on a minute....look, I'm sorry I've repressed you all these years...but you might be interested in this...I know you're pretty good at anger and upping blood know fight or flight...I need you to weigh in on this

ID: Me choose anger... then run like hell... then be mad all over fight...that Superego then take that and beat you up.

EGO: Yep. Look ID, can you stay awake for awhile and near the surface?

ID: Icecream.
ID: And....Gun mean penis.


Blogger Profile said...

LOL! How many of us have those inner dialogues every day? :)

flatrat said...

Amazing! Maria Purdum Peters.
Wasn't able to sleep tonight and did a word search of folks I haven't thought about in a long time, friends from college etc., people I've lost touch with, lo and behold...found this.
Looks like things are going well in your world. Doing good here. Thought about you when I read your Mom's obit. Sorry to hear that. Hope things keep going well for you and your family.

Scott Williams

Maria Peters said...

Ok, flatrat! What a nice surprise. How 'bout some contact info?

flatrat said...

Well, I am fairly guarded about posting my e-mail address. Is there a more secure method of sharing that with you than posting it here?


Maria Peters said...